About ShePraise

Our Mission

ShePraise is committed to helping busy women find time to pray daily. Our desire is that you would be motivated and encouraged to live a life of prayer while meeting the demands of life. We strive to create an inspirational movement of women who are connected and supported through prayer. 

Core Values

Passionate about prayer.

Respect and value the opinions of others.

Appreciate enthusiasm and fun.

You are an important part of God’s ultimate plan.


About The Founder

I was born and raised in Texas! I graduated from Texas Lutheran University in 1998 and immediately started a job as an event planner for one of Texas’ premier caterers. It was crazy busy and fun for a single lady. I did celebrity weddings, extravagant corporate ranch parties, and conventions with 10,000+ attendees. I had no life and loved it!

In 2003, I married my amazing and supportive husband. Life quickly changed when we had our first and only child in 2005. I realized I needed to slow down and focus on something other than work. I quit my job and stayed home to take care of our son. I reconnected with the church. After a few years, I went back to work for the same company. I struggled to be the best mom, wife, and employee. I was also trying to exercise, volunteer, maintain friendships, and help my aging parents. I was overbooked and overscheduled. I realized I needed to start cutting things from my schedule and church was one of the first things to go.

I had a choice one morning to either exercise or go to church. I chose to exercise. Back then, I would listen to heavy metal or rap music where every other word was a curse word. I decided from that day forward I would create my own workout music and add my prayers, so I could work out and pray at the same time! It took lots of time to make this happen, but I eventually found all the right people and produced my workout music! I decided to share my prayers with others and ShePraise.com was started in 2016. ShePraise has evolved over the years and now provides additional prayer products and free tools to help busy women pray daily! I am excited to create and launch new products in the years to come!


Lori - Pray Continually!

1 Thessalonians 5:17