Empowering and Motivating Modern Women to Fast

In modern times fasting might seem weird, strange, and outdated, but fasting was regularly practiced throughout the Old and New Testament by God’s people. I wanted to explain and simplify for the modern Christian woman why and how to fast.

While doing research on fasting what stood out the most to me was Jesus going into the desert and fasting food for 40 days and 40 nights - Matthew 4:2. Even Jesus needed to fast to be closer to God and hear God’s voice!  Jesus goes on to say in Matthew 6:16, “WHEN you fast!” He does not say maybe fast or think about fasting. Jesus says WHEN you fast and if Jesus needed to fast we all should be following his example.

In simple terms, fasting is giving something up to create a space for God to guide you and be with you. By giving up distractions, I make more time for Him and pray consistently throughout the day. Also, I use this time to worship and thank God. For me, fasting is a time when I seek God, His direction, His forgiveness, His presence, and listen for His voice.

By fasting regularly and consistently you will see change and miracles. Join me and others for Fast Tuesday! We will pray in agreement together for each other. I will text you a reminder every Tuesday at 7am. Email me your phone number at Lori@ShePraise.com. By fasting together, we are saying that we totally rely upon God for everything, even our nourishment.

1. What are you praying for (be specific)?

  • I typically pick one major thing to pray for on Tuesday and focus on that all day. I also pray in agreement with everyone else on the fast.
  1. Decide the start and end time.
  • I like to do a 24 hour fast (7am – 7am), but you decide what works best for you.
  1. What you are fasting?
  • I have tried all different types of fasts. Fasting food makes me sleepy and grumpy, so for me it defeats the purpose. I prefer fasting social media because it frees up so much time for prayer. Once again, figure out what works best for you (coffee, sweets, wine, etc) or try something that is very important to you.
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