Are you Friending Yourself and God in the Midst of Chaos?

How Do You Focus on God, Prayer, Exercise, and Me Time?

Introducing the New Pray Workout!

New Year’s Resolutions are often broken and quickly forgotten. This year has decided to do New Year’s Commitments that are binding and a true promise to yourselves, your family, and to God. is offering 3 Commitments and will assist you throughout the year to stay committed. 

Commitment #1 - Friend Yourself, God, and Your Body! Exercise while Praying!

With the Social Media economy, we are often friending everyone but ourselves, our physical and spiritual bodies, and God!

Let’s tune into some fast-paced, encouraging music that is designed specifically for workout and prayer.

The NEW Pray Workout Album motivates and empowers with encouraging songs that offer relatable themes and connecting Bible verses. Just press play, and you will be directed in an easy-to-use format to exercise and pray. Bible verses are repeated to aid in memorization.

Grow spiritually and more vibrant physically. Lose weight, gain energy, and find a whole new outlook in 2019.

  • While you are maintaining or sustaining daily steps: Focus on the music, prayer, and scripture, and just know, the entire album ranges around 4k-5k steps.
  • Commit to walking a minimum of thirty minutes three times a week while listening to music.
  • Begin with stretching and warming up with specific prayer thoughts in mind.
  • Launch into music and prayer action:
  • Repeat the same song for specific prayer.
  • Workouts are less stressful combined with prayer and music to ignite your soul.
  • Commit to the Exercise Pray way of life, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of God’s victory over your life, body, mind, and soul, while experiencing beautiful answers to prayer in the midst of what otherwise might be chaos! offers 24/7 prayer requests, music, fasting, family texting, and more. Begin the New Year with a purposeful commitment to God, your family, and prayer! 

Begin a NEW thing! Isaiah 43:19

Be a NEW person who was created to be like God, truly good and pleasing to Him. Ephesians 4:24

The only way to break bad habits is to establish NEW routines and seek God’s answers. It’s your day to shine and experience RENEWAL!

Commitment 2 and 3 are coming soon! Get your Exercise Pray album today.

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